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CBS Redo You: Beauty Skin Care Myths Debunked by Dr. Tess Part 2

As a part of the Redo You: Beauty series on CBS, Dr. Tess, debunks skin care myths and gives the truth about how to take care of your skin.

Myth #3: Facial scrubs make your skin glow.

Facial scrubs may remove dead skin and make your skin feel instantly smoother.  Over-exfoliating can cause problems especially for those who have sensitive skin or have eczema.  Over-scrubbing also can cause some superficial blood vessels to appear especially on patients with rosacea and may worsen redness on the skin.  And for those who are acne prone, over-exfoliation can elicit overproduction of oil and make acne worse.

Myth #4: Dryness causes fine lines.

Dryness can cause peeling and flaking. Dryness on the skin can make lines APPEAR worse but it will not create wrinkles.  Milk, buttermilk and yogurt contain alpha hydroxy acids that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in some people, Soak a cotton cloth or small towel in whole milk or buttermilk, and dab the liquid onto your face and neck in order to treat fine lines.

 Myth #5: Toothpaste dries out pimples.

Toothpaste contains ingredients that will do nothing to dry out a pimple. They may cause irritation, burns and even more breakouts on the skin.

Today’s toothpastes also have bleaching and whitening properties that are even more irritating.  There are more effective spot treatments for acne, so save your toothpaste for your teeth.  To help dry out your acne without drying out your face, put a thin layer of milk of magnesia over your face.

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There is Help for Acne Sufferers

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers; it can affect people from ages 10 through 40. It is not unusual for women, in particular, to develop acne in their mid- to late-20s, even if they have never had a breakout. Acne can cause a lot of trouble with self-esteem for those with severe cases. It can appear on the skin as any of the following, wherever there are oily (sebaceous) glands, mainly on the face, chest, and back:

  • Congested pores
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Pustules
  • Orcysts

For severe acne, we treat our patients with Photodynamic Therapy. The process includes washing the face with acetone. Then a light microdermabrasion is performed. We apply the Levulan (which is activated by the laser light) to the area being treated and it is left on for about 30 minutes. Then the levulan is washed off and laser treatment follows.

Levulan is a 20% solution of ALA (Aminolevulonic Acid is natural substance found throughout our body). The Levulan targets active acne cells and is absorbed by the sebaceous glands. Once the levulan is activated by the laser’s light the skins oiliness decreases. The appearance of pores is minimized, and the entire skin texture improves.

See this video from San Diego Living with Cassandra’s story how we helped her improve her self-esteem and allowed her to wear her hair up, off her face, for the first time. She had a dramatic improvement after just one treatment! We helped her and we can help you too. Contact Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center to learn more.