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How to Turn Back the Clock without the Knife – Dr. Tess on San Diego Living

Do you want to look years younger, but are –

  • Worried it won’t look natural?
  • Worried about the cost?
  • Worried that the results are not long lasting?

Dr. Tess is combining all of the latest technology to help you look years younger with techniques that are better than surgery!

On San Diego Living Dr. Tess explains anti-aging without the knife, and shows some amazing before/after photos.

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All-Day OPEN HOUSE at MBeauty by Dr. Tess Clinic in Glendale October 5, 2012!

Photos of the MBeauty by Dr. Tess Glendale Clinic Grand Opening!

Thank you to everyone who came to the grand opening of our newest clinic, M Beauty by Dr. Tess in Glendale!

 From friends, family, and sponsors to stars such as singer Imelda Papin and reigning WBO Flyweight boxing champion Brian Viloria, we are so thankful for the support and are looking forward to serving Glendale and LA county! We have it all for you for skin rejuvenation, body shaping and more – including the popular Venus Freeze!


Dermal Fillers – Why Artiste?

The majority of dermal fillers currently on the market come in small, 1ml syringes. Trends are changing, however, toward more viscous filler materials and higher volumes, often requiring larger syringes.

Delivering a uniform, uninterrupted flow of material in these circumstances is at best difficult – and sometimes impossible – especially through fine-gauge needles.

The Artiste Assisted Injection System overcomes the limitations of manual operation, using controllable gas pressure instead of thumb pressure to automate the injection process.

This allows the injector to concentrate fully on the injection site, ensuring accurate placement and maximum control for consistent results with a variety of dermal fillers, syringes, and needle sizes.

This all leads to better results and less bruising, discomfort, and swelling for the patient.

Learn more about why Dr. Tess is excited about the revolutionary Artiste break-through in dermal fillers, see her segment about Artiste on San Diego Living, and take a look at a remarkable before/after of one of Dr. Tess’s patients.

Artiste is an integral part of MBeauty by Dr. Tess for anti-aging  skin rejuvenation.