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Dr. Tess’s TV Appearance on CBS’s The Talk – 5 Tips on How to Slow Down the Aging Process – Part 2

In this 2-part series we’re looking at the 5  beauty tips that Dr. Tess talked about on CBS’s The Talk TV show. There’s a right way and a wrong way to work with your body on the anti-aging process. Below is Part 2.

3. Train yourself to sleep on your back.
Resting your face on the pillow in the same way every night for years on endleads to wrinkles. Called sleep lines, these wrinkles eventually become etched on the surface of the skin and no longer disappear when the head is not resting on the pillow.

Women, who tend to sleep on their sides, are most likely to see these lines appear on their chin and cheeks. Men tend to notice these lines on the forehead since they usually sleep with the face pressed face down on the pillow.

People who sleep on their backs do not develop these wrinkles since their skin does not lie crumpled against the pillow.

4. Pull down the shade in an airplane.
You’re much closer to the sun in a plane than on land, so it stands to reason that solar rays, which can penetrate windows, are more intense at higher altitudes.  This may explain why pilots and flight attendants have been found to be at an increased risk for melanoma and other skin cancers.

Plus, the air up there is notoriously dry—and without moisture, skin, like any living tissue, simply shrivels.

Drink as much water as you can in flight; avoid alcohol and salty foods, which are dehydrating.

Apply a rich moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes before boarding, as sunscreen needs time to be absorbed before it’s effective.

And if you’re sitting next to a window, pull down the shade.

5. Avoid drinking through straws.
I’m sure many of you drink dark sodas, tea and coffee through a straw to prevent staining your pearly whites or to avoid putting your mouth on a can or bottle, right?

Do Not Sip From a Straw! It’s causing fine lines around your mouth, a sign of premature aging to your facial skin area. Over the long-term, pursing your lips to sip out of a straw causes extra wrinkles around the mouth.

How to Slow Down the Aging Process – Part 1

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Anti-Aging Skin Care – Foods to Avoid and Great Foods to Eat

On CBS The Talk Dr. Tess talked about how to use certain foods to help you in getting, and keeping, that “perfect” skin, for beautiful skin rejuvination.  Some foods are actually detrimental to our skin, and others work wonders. Take a look at Dr. Tess’s demonstration here:

La Jolla Location Closure

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen complications having to do with the foreclosure of the building at 7630 Fay Ave, we have decided to move out of our space in La Jolla.

The uncertainty and potential negative ramifications of this change on our practice and patients were the primary reasons for this decision.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and are currently only seeing patients at the Scripps Ranch office.

We are very proud that in the time we were in La Jolla, Dr. Tess became a gold medal winner and was voted “Best Dermatologist” in The La Jolla Village News Reader Choice Awards.

We are already looking for a replacement location and will keep you posted!

If you have any questions, please call the Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. Thank you for your understanding.

LPG and the Stars at Cannes – and BodyRX by Dr. Tess

Dr. Tess was recently at the site of the world famous Cannes Film Festival in France to work with LPG, one of the top health, wellness, and beauty technology companies in the world.

Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) is just one of the stars she ran into!

LPG Industries is part of the cutting edge treatments included in  BodyRX by Dr. Tess, bringing you the anti-aging prescriptions of  the Endomolift, the LPG Lipomassage, and the Huber Motion Lab.

Cellulite, Bikini Season, and BodyRX by Dr. Tess – on CBS 8 News!

Dr. Tess was recently on CBS 8 News to talk cellulite, getting bikini ready for summer, and BodyRX by Dr. Tess.

Watch this video of the CBS 8 segment featuring a demonstration of the latest technology by LPG!

Let us help you take care of that cellulite and get Bikini Ready! Call us today!

Getting Your Body Back After Baby

Dr. Tess was recently joined by Philippine movie star and beauty queen,  and our very own esthetician Genesis Walcher (aka Patricia Javier), on San Diego Living.

Five months ago Genesis had a baby, and using the cutting edge technologies of BodyRX by Dr. Tess, she now has her body back!

Watch Genesis and Dr. Tess on San Diego Living explaining how you, too, can get your body back after having a baby!

Genesis with LPG Cellu M6 Integral

Genesis with Huber Motion Lab

CBS Redo You: Beauty Skin Care Myths Debunked by Dr. Tess Part 2

As a part of the Redo You: Beauty series on CBS, Dr. Tess, debunks skin care myths and gives the truth about how to take care of your skin.

Myth #3: Facial scrubs make your skin glow.

Facial scrubs may remove dead skin and make your skin feel instantly smoother.  Over-exfoliating can cause problems especially for those who have sensitive skin or have eczema.  Over-scrubbing also can cause some superficial blood vessels to appear especially on patients with rosacea and may worsen redness on the skin.  And for those who are acne prone, over-exfoliation can elicit overproduction of oil and make acne worse.

Myth #4: Dryness causes fine lines.

Dryness can cause peeling and flaking. Dryness on the skin can make lines APPEAR worse but it will not create wrinkles.  Milk, buttermilk and yogurt contain alpha hydroxy acids that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in some people, Soak a cotton cloth or small towel in whole milk or buttermilk, and dab the liquid onto your face and neck in order to treat fine lines.

 Myth #5: Toothpaste dries out pimples.

Toothpaste contains ingredients that will do nothing to dry out a pimple. They may cause irritation, burns and even more breakouts on the skin.

Today’s toothpastes also have bleaching and whitening properties that are even more irritating.  There are more effective spot treatments for acne, so save your toothpaste for your teeth.  To help dry out your acne without drying out your face, put a thin layer of milk of magnesia over your face.

Read Myths Debunked by Dr. Tess Part 1

CBS Redo You: Beauty Skin Care Myths Debunked by Dr. Tess – Part 1

As a part of the Redo You: Beauty series on CBS, Dr. Tess, debunks skin care myths and gives the truth about how to take care of your skin.

Myth #1: Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks.

Stretch marks usually appear with disruption of skin’s elastic fibers as the skin expands in a short period of time as in pregnancy, growth spurts and rapid weight gain or loss.  There is also some genetic predisposition making some people more susceptible to stretch marks than others.  Men also get stretch marks.  For some people, coconut oil mixed with the vitamin C in lime juice can help repair the connective tissues beneath skin’s surface that cause stretch marks.

Myth #2: Acne is the result of dirty, oily skin.

Acne is caused by many factors such as genetics and hormonal changes but dirty, oily skin is not one of them.  Washing, scrubbing and over drying skin can cause irritation.  Over-cleansing the skin can kick your oil producing sebaceous glands into overdrive, making the skin greasier.  Washing just twice a day, morning and night, with the proper cleansers is more than enough.  Choose cleansers with ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide to help decrease bacteria on the skin and minimize the appearance of black heads and white heads.

Take a look here for more information on how we can help you with your acne issues.

Size 12 to Size 6 – BodyRX by Dr. Tess and Linda

Linda shows off her exciting Reveal with Dr. Tess on San Diego Living with Ruben Galvan.

Call us today and ask how BodyRX by Dr. Tess can be personalized just for you!

Dr. Tess Takes New York City by Storm

Dr. Tess took New York City by storm last month with a phenomenally successful conference and media launch of LPG Technology and BodyRX by Dr. Tess.

LPG has been on the forefront of natural, scientific, non-invasive health and beauty technologies for over 25 years. To learn more about LPG click here.

The LPG Team

Demo for Beauty Editors

With Fitness Model Jennifer Nichole Lee

Lucky Magazine interview (one of many magazine interviews!)