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Look Your Best After Baby’s Birth

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on our skin and body. This can leave us feeling less confident and sometimes downright feeling down in the dumps. An unfortunate fact about being pregnant is that there are limited cosmetic treatments that can be safely done during pregnancy.

In my case, a few years ago, the long 9 months seemed longer as I could not get my regular skin laser treatments and Botox. On top of that, I developed new problems like leg veins, skin tags, new freckles and pigmentation on some body parts, acne and an itchy skin rash all over. Yes, I was a “skin and beauty” mess… and could not wait to deliver my son… for many wonderful reasons of course, but one of them was so I can start my cosmetic overhaul.

The good news is that there are wonderful noninvasive treatments available to new moms (or “not so new” moms) which can really reverse the damage done by pregnancy and give us back our self esteem and confidence. I want to share with all of you my own treatment plan for my post-pregnancy problems.

  1. Uneveness in Skin Coloration – I had brown spots on my cheeks and redness, especially around my nose, and left over pigmentation from a pregnancy rash on my trunk. A series of Aurora Fotofacial/RF helped even out my skin discoloration.
  2. Eyebags – For fine lines underneath the eye areas, large pore size and overall tired look, Polaris radiofrequency treatments shrank my pore size, improved skin texture and help tighten the skin all over.
  3. Wrinkles – I had wrinkles on my forehead and between my brows. In addition, my migraine headaches came back! Botox was the answer to all those problems.
  4. AcneAurora acne laser treatments, acne skin care kit, chemical peel and microdermabrasion helped calm down my skin break-outs.
  5. Skin Tags – I developed pesky, red, growths, (angiomas). Thankfully those were easily removed with electrocautery.
  6. Spider Veins – My legs were happy to get some sclerotherapy so I felt comfortable in shorts again.
  7. CelluliteVelaShape treatments helped to recontour and smooth out the jiggly skin on my abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

I hope this offers a glimpse of hope for all mothers out there. A rejuvenated you is just a few easy, simple treatments away. Come visit us the dermatology clinic and let’s get started so you can achieve great results, just like I did!

Help for Dark Patches on the Face

If you suffer from dark patches on your face, you are not alone. Women who notice brown or gray-brown patches on the face, especially the cheeks, upper lip, nose, forehead or chin may have a medical condition known as melasma. Millions of women suffer from this skin condition and many of them feel embarrassed and unattractive because of its effects.

Melasma is a natural darkening of the skin caused by an excessive production of melanin, the pigment in your skin that causes you to tan. Experts believe that the discoloration is caused by changes in a woman’s hormones. This can often coincide with: the use of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy or the third trimester of pregnancy (sometimes called “pregnancy mask”). Melasma typically occurs only on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun, which is why the face is the main target. Severity of the condition can vary.


Because this is a condition based on hormone levels, those with melasma may find that it clears up on its own, over time, with no treatment necessary. But, if you have found that your skin is not clearing up quickly, as you would like, or that your quality of life is negatively being affected by your melasma, please visit us at the dermatology clinic for a solution. With a consultation we can determine if a prescription for Tri-Luma® Cream is the answer. Those who’ve used the product notice a difference in 4 weeks and typically the maximum effect is achieved in just 8 weeks of a once daily treatment.