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Total Rejuvenation and Mixto Fractional Co2

If you are considering skin rejuvenation treatments, learn more about Mixto Fractional C02.  This  resurfacing treatment works by literally vaporizing wrinkles, acne scars, and pores right off of your face, and even your hands.

Small dots of laser energy penetrate deep into the tissues to blast away the old and abnormal skin cells while stimulating new cell and collagen growth.

Watch this segment of San Diego Living where Dr. Tess not only talks about Mixto Fractional C02, but demonstrates it as well. And you’ll even see the amazing before-and-after of Dr. Tess’s patient, Patty – You won’t believe her real age!

Call us with any questions you might have about this amazing anti-aging procedure, and to set up an appointment. 1-858-689-4990.

Sizzling Summer Savings Continue Through August

Save on Restylane! New Gilt City Promotion sponsored by Medecis. Select $100 or $300 vouchers off your next Restylane treatment! Go to for more details. Vouchers available July 30 – August 30.

Restylane $100 OFF this “Best Bang For Your Buck” treatment. Smooth wrinkles, plump lips, fill acne scars and lines with the FDA approved world’s best selling dermal filler.

*Ok to prepay for future treatments. Special only applies to RN or PA. Expires August 31, 2012.

Try Something New! Our popular “Try Something New” special is back! Save 10% OFF any first time laser treatment or package. *Special only applies to RN or PA. Expires August 31, 2012.

Bye, Bye Turkey Neck! Say goodbye to that pesky turkey neck and those jowls in just 45 minutes! Schedule your neck and jowl Lipo procedure to be performed on Thursday, Aug 30, 21012*,  and get $500 OFF, PLUS 50% OFF Venus Freeze skin tightening treatments! *Other surgery dates may be available. Please call to inquire.

BodyRX(tm) by Dr. Tess and The LPG Systems Story

In 1985 in France, Louis-Paul Guitay had a cervical spine injury that forced him to endure painful rehabilitation. As a result he created the first working prototype that would eventually lead to the state-of-the-art techniques for body and face cell stimulation. With its ever increasing scientific and medical reputation, LPG Systems has rapidly grown from two employees in France to hundreds around the world.

And now the amazing family of LPG treatments is introduced to the U.S. by BodyRX™ by Dr. Tess.

The LPG philosophy is based on developing the most modern high-tech products; creating exclusive and patented techniques that are efficient and have long-lasting results; techniques that are the result of 24 years of research and expertise in slimming and anti-aging; techniques that are based on the respect of the human body without ever being aggressive, and ethics – over 85 scientific studies have been conducted to date to validate and prove the LPG results.

Call us today to learn more about how BodyRX™ by Dr. Tess can improve your life!

Turn Back the Clock With Mixto Fractional CO2

If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck to take years off your skin, you must see this recent video from a 64 year old patient who recently underwent the Mixto Fractional CO2 treamtent.

This treatment is perfect if you are looking to have beautiful skin that is free of sunspots, wrinkles, or redness. The best part is that it looks so natural.

See some before and after photos below and see the improvement of her hands and face. She tell us how she loves the texture of her skin now and she even wears very little makeup, she feels so confident.
remove age spots on hands








To see our videos of our dermatology treatments in action, visit at our San Diego and La Jolla Dermatology clinics, visit our web site.

Younger looking skin

Repair Sun Damaged Skin: Remove Years of Damage in One Treatment

sun damageAre you starting to notice sun damage to your skin, and even wrinkles caused by over-exposure to the sun?

LED light therapy treatment evens out abnormal skin pigmentation, and softens wrinkles and fine lines, and is a common treatment offered by Estheticians at spas. However, even though helpful, the results are usually subtle and it can take a series of treatments before the results are significant.

If you are looking for a more noticeable improvement after a single treatment, the Mixto CO2 Laser is what I recommend, and my patients who have chosen this route are very happy with the results. Although you will need to be able to tolerate some downtime, the downtime is a lot less than the traditional CO2 laser treatments of the past, and the healing is much easier.

Fractional CO2 technology is a real breakthrough. For one thing it takes half the downtime to get the same results as the older CO2 treatments, and patients are able to have their Mixto procedure under local anesthesia and even drive themselves home after treatment.

Fraxel Re:Pair is a popular CO2 treatment that also treats moderate to severe wrinkles and sun damage, but the biggest difference between Mixto and Fraxel Re:Pair is that Mixto treatments cause minimal to no bleeding. As soon as the surgical removal of the tissue is accomplished, the Mixto laser cauterizes blood vessels so your skin doesn’t bleed or weep.

In my opinion the best “bang for your buck” type of treatment is the Mixto CO2 laser. You do one single treatment and remove years of sun damage and wrinkles!

But, if you don’t have the downtime, or if this treatment is not appropriate for your skin type, never fear. Fraxel Re:Store or Matrix RF are great alternatives. These treatments offer very little downtime compared to CO2 procedures. Although a series of treatments are required, time off work is not necessary and you can continue your regular activities.

San Diego Dermatology News and Specials

Restylane and Juvederm

What’s happening at the San Diego Dermatology clinic this month?

Thursday & Saturday Clinics

Starting in July, we will be having Thursday clinics and some Saturday clinics!

We are going to Beverly Hills!

Watch out for the opening of our Beverly Hills location! Tell your friends and family in that area that they will soon be able to experience Dr. Tess’s Expert Touch!


Free Latisse – Get the eyelash enhancer endorsed by Brooke Shields FREE when you purchase 2 syringes of Restylane or Juvederm! (while supplies last).

Restylane Dermal Filler:

Instantly smooth facial wrinkles, plump lips, improve deep lines around the mouth and fill deep acne scars with Restylane, the world’s best selling dermal filler. This is great treatment if you’re looking for instant and lasting results.

Juvederm Dermal Filler:

Juvederm is a smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin that increases volume. Over time our body loses hyaluronic acid, therefore losing volume. Improve lines and wrinkles with this nonsurgical treatment!

longer lashes


Most people that have used Latisse see amazing, significant results within the first 2 months. You apply the solution every night for as long as you want until you’ve achieved the desired results

We want to help you look your best! Call us with your questions today.

Mother’s Day Specials and More!

Mother’s Day (May 8) is coming up fast! Whether it’s Botox, Venus Freeze, Restylane, or a microdermabrasion, we have a fantastic special going on that would make her day!

Don’t know which one to choose? As always, Gift Certificates are available!

Botox BOGO Week EXTENDED by popular demand through 4/22!

Everyone knows Botox. Now through April 22, enjoy the awesomeness of our Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal on this cornerstone of wrinkle-busting and anti-aging.

Dysport Logo

Dysport works a lot like botox, so you won’t want to miss our Dysport BOGO Week April 18-22!

In addition to the amazing Buy-One-Get-One-Free special, you can also enjoy food and drinks on us during Dysport BOGO Week!

Restylane logo

Restylane – Win a FREE syringe!

Just purchase 2 or more syringes of Restylane in one day from now until the end of April and you will be entered into a drawing for one FREE syringe. There will be 4 winners! The drawing will be held on April 29. Winners will be contacted.

Latisse logo

Latisse is the FIRST and ONLY FDA-approved treatment that grows lashes longer, fuller and darker. Championed by celebrities such as Brooke Shields, the manufacturer is offering a fantastic BOGO promotion that’s only lasting until the end of April!


For the month of May, get a $45 Microdermabrasion with our esthetician, beauty icon Genesis Walcher (aka Patricia Javier)!

genesis walcher

Genesis Walcher is a beauty queen, star of over 16 feature films, EMI recording artist, cover model, skin care expert and esthetician.

Fall and Winter Specials: Don’t Miss These Exciting Offers

We have some great offers for the Fall and Winter:

RESTYLANE Week: 50% off your 2nd syringe plus $50 mail-in rebate! Valid 10/18-10/22 only


$1000 OFF LIPOSCULPTURE of Neck and Jowls! Special applies to our regular price of $3900. Expires 12/25/10

FREE GIFT with $50 GloMinerals Make-Up purchase! Expires 11/30/10

Featured Specials:

  • FREE BOTOX, JUVEDERM OR RESTYLANE! With purchase of any service treatment over $3000. Excludes liposculpture. Expires 12/25/10
  • LIPO: BUY 1, GET 1 AREA FREE! Plus 50% off VelaShape!
  • Remember, the best in San Diego Dermatology can be found at Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. Those holiday parties are coming up so treat yourself now to some of our great services.

    Not All Botox or Dysport Wrinkle Treatments are Equal

    Have you had a bad experience with your Botox or Dysport treatment? Did you think Botox made you look too frozen, made your brow shape weird, made your eyelids droop and as a result look more tired? Have you heard of Botox causing the inability to smile, or making wrinkles under the eyes worse? Did you get a big blackeye last time you wanted your crow’s feet treated? Are you scared to try Botox for the first time or ever again because you think it is just not for you?

    The truth is that the complications mentioned above are mostly caused by the injector’s technique. The good news is that most of these potential complications can be avoided.

    Dr. Tess Mauricio, a San Diego Dermatologist, personally administers all injectables (Botox and Dysport) to ensure you experience the expert’s touch and get results you are thrilled with! There may be centers that offer these products cheaper but no one does it better! And with unbelievable specials like: Buy one area of Dysport, get second area free and Get Free Botox with laser treatments over $3000, an Expert’s touch is a luxury you can afford!

    Experience the Expert’s Touch:

    1. In most centers, you will not get a Stanford trained, well respected cosmetic dermatologist and TV personality to administer your injections. Most injectors offering less expensive treatments are RN’s or other MD’s who are not dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Expertise and technique matter in order to minimize possible complications such as bruising, eyelid droop, uneven results, eyebrows too high, and even inability to smile!
      Dr. Mauricio will evaluate you and personalize your treatment to fit your needs. For example, if your brows are already too flat, or you already have some eyelid droop, she may treat the forehead differently than if your brows arch too high naturally. If you already have problems with loose undereye skin she may treat the crow’s feet differently. If you wanted a lift in your brows, she can design your treatment to give you a “chemical brow lift”, where correctly placed Botox/Dysport will cause a natural (nonsurgical) elevation of eyebrows which can open up your eyes nicely, make you look younger and more awake and pull up extra upper eyelid skin. Dr. Mauricio never uses a one size fits all approach to injectables – you are unique and so should your treatments. That is the difference you deserve! 
    2. We use the smallest needles – patients are often pleasantly surprised how painless the injections are. Especially in injections around the eyes to treat crow’s feet, many patients say they heard their friends get lots of bruising when treated by other practitioners. Dr. Mauricio’s technique minimizes this risk allowing you to get treated around the eyes without having to deal with a black eye for 2 weeks!
    3. If you are worried about injection pain, we even can apply topical numbing cream before your treatment. We also have a special cooling machine that can be used to minimize discomfort.
    4. If you are not 100% thrilled with your results, after 2 weeks, Dr. Mauricio encourages you to come back to the clinic – all you probably need is a little tweaking to get that perfect result!

    And keep in mind, ask for the number of Botox units you are getting. Units matter! If lower number of units are used, the treatment for an area may be offered cheaper and it may still work. But, it won’t last as long! Make sure you get what you pay for.

    Contact Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center at (858)689-4990 to take advantage of our specials and experience the difference in quality.

    Ask about our specials and zero percent financing.