“America’s Favorite Dermatologist” hosts her own talk show, RSVP with Dr. Tess

RSVP with Dr. Tess can be seen on GMA Pinoy TV every Sunday at 7:40pm PST/10:40pm EST starting June 24, 2012. Replays are on Wednesdays 9:20am PST and Thursdays 2:35am PST.

RSVP with Dr. Tess is a one hour, weekly health, beauty and wellness magazine talk show on GMA Pinoy TV and hosted by Dr. Tess Mauricio, America’s Favorite Dermatologist. She is one of the most distinguished and successful Filipina woman on television.

Dr Tess has been featured on the Rachael Ray show, The Doctors, The Talk, America’s Next Top Model, Wellness Hour and San Diego Living, among others.

As a US Board Certified Dermatologist and graduate of Stanford University Medical School, she is not only internationally renowned in her professional field but her role as a dynamic and multifaceted Filipina living and practicing in the United States will play an integral part in the show.

RSVP with Dr Tess is a collaboration between Dr Tess Mauricio and Emmy award winning Producer of The Tyra Banks show and America’s Next Top Model, Michael Carandang. It is directed by seasoned Director, RD Alba.

RSVP with Dr Tess is a season filmed on location in Dr Tess’ birthplace, Manila. Each week on her show, Dr. Tess will visit with some of the movers and shakers in the health, beauty and wellness industry as well as the most recognizable Filipino personalities.

Dr. Tess will also share with her guests and audience her knowledge and beauty secrets as one of the most respected skin and beauty experts in the world. Dr, Tess invites you to RSVP to the latest trends in health, beauty, fashion, entertainment, food, family, culture, and community.

RSVP with Dr. Tess on GMA Pinoy TV is a venue for some of the most important and talked about Filipino and international celebrities to discuss their life and ongoing projects. Most importantly, the show gives the global Filipino community, the nanays (Filipino moms) watching at home, a platform to voice their concerns, issues and praises.

RSVP with Dr. Tess not only incorporates social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage viewers to join in with the discussions, but it also educates, engages, inspires and entertains its viewers.

For her first guest, Dr. Tess interviewed socialite, fashionista and real estate heiress, Ms. Divine Lee shared her experiences and also her amazing closet with Dr Tess.

One of the highlights of this season’s show is Dr Tess’ interview with Mrs. Imelda Marcos at the residence of the former First Lady of the Philippines, where they talk about the past, present future…and even sing together!

This season also features beautiful outfits worn by Dr Tess and created by the Philippines’ top designers, including one on one visits with three of the most distinguished Filipino fashion designers in Francis Libiran, Rajo Laurel, and Cesar Gaupo.

For a full list of guests featured in this season of RSVP with Dr. Tess, please visit the show’s website at www.RSVPtalkshow.com.

Learn more about Dr. Tess Mauricio.


About Dr. Tess M.D., F.A.A.D.

My mission is to use my extensive training, expertise, and artistic sense to promote self esteem, build confidence, and improve my patients' quality of life.

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