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HAPPY HOLIDAYS From Our Family To Yours!

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You Could be on TV on “The Doctors”! – Call Today

I am looking for a patient between the ages of 19-60 who has flatwarts on the back, arms, or thighs and is interested in having me treat them during a taping of The Doctors, a nationally syndicated TV show from the producers of Dr. Phil.

There will be NO COST to treat the warts and if chosen, the segment will be televised nationwide! You will have to be available for taping next Thursday, December 8th at 9am at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

You will need to call for an appointment with me ASAP at (858) 689 – 4990 to be evaluated. If you are chosen, you may be featured on the show!

Call now – only one lucky patient will be selected!

The Doctors show producers will make the final determination of whether this segment will be needed, and they can change their minds at any time, so the patient has to be flexible in case it does not happen. Welcome to the world of Hollywood!