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Watch Dr. Mauricio and Dr. Lee on Channel 6 News Saturday

San Diego 6 CW

San Diego 6 CW

Dr. Mauricio and Dr. Lee on The Weekend News to talk No Surgery Nose Job & Facial Shaping

Don’t miss your doctors on TV discussing this year’s hottest services. They will be there with results from an actual patient!

This Saturday, 10/30/10 8:30-9am

Set those DVR’s to tape the San Diego CW Ch 6 News!

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Dr. Mauricio on TV: No Surgery Nose Job & Facial Shaping on SDL + Restylane Week ends Friday!

Dr. Mauricio was on San Diego Living yesterday morning to talk about Non-Surgical Nose Jobs and Facial Shaping.

Miracle Non-Surgical Nose Job & Facial Shaping

Nose and Jaw Reshaping Special:

Get an extra $50 OFF Per Syringe!(minimum of 2) That’s $100 OFF if you buy 2 syringes, PLUS the Restylane Week special still applies!

This procedure uses Restylane, so take advantage of Restylane Week and don’t miss your chance to experience the non-surgical nose job!

Restylane Week Ends Friday!

Don’t miss the exciting offers from San Diego’s favorite dermatology clinic: Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

Fall and Winter Specials: Don’t Miss These Exciting Offers

We have some great offers for the Fall and Winter:

RESTYLANE Week: 50% off your 2nd syringe plus $50 mail-in rebate! Valid 10/18-10/22 only


$1000 OFF LIPOSCULPTURE of Neck and Jowls! Special applies to our regular price of $3900. Expires 12/25/10

FREE GIFT with $50 GloMinerals Make-Up purchase! Expires 11/30/10

Featured Specials:

  • FREE BOTOX, JUVEDERM OR RESTYLANE! With purchase of any service treatment over $3000. Excludes liposculpture. Expires 12/25/10
  • LIPO: BUY 1, GET 1 AREA FREE! Plus 50% off VelaShape!
  • Remember, the best in San Diego Dermatology can be found at Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. Those holiday parties are coming up so treat yourself now to some of our great services.


    San Diego Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio of Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is looking for a female/male between the ages of 19-60 who has a sebaceous cyst on the back, arms or thighs who is interested in having Dr. Mauricio remove the cyst during a taping of THE DOCTORS SHOW. There will be NO COST to remove the cyst and if chosen, the segment will be televised nationwide!

    You will have to be available for taping this Thursday, Oct. 21 at 11am -arrival time at Paramount Studios in Hollywood 9 am.

    You will need to call for an appointment with Dr. Mauricio asap at (858)689-4990 to be evaluated. If you are chosen, there is A CHANCE* that you will be featured on the show.

    Call now – only one lucky patient will be selected!

    * THE DOCTORS show producers WILL make the final determination whether this segment will be needed and the producers can change their minds anytime, so patient has to be flexible in case it does not happen (welcome to the world of Hollywood)!”

    We Have New Featured Services! “Instant Nose Job” & “No Surgery Jawreshaping”

    Ever wish for a better looking nose but you are not ready for surgery? Want that perfect nose today ready for a party in a few days? Get the “$575 No Downtime Instant Nose Job” – No Surgery required! expertly performed by world renowned cosmetic dermatologist and TV personality, Dr. Tess Mauricio.

    These photos show the nose before, immediately after, and 1 week later

    Ever wished that your face looked thinner? Do you think your jaw makes you look masculine? Do you want that chiseled, narrower and elongated face shape that famous stars have? You can have the jawline of your dreams without surgery or downtime! Dr. Tess Mauricio, America’s Favorite Dermatologist and world renowned expert will personally treat you to give you the face shape you always dreamed of!

    Nonsurgical jaw reshaping! Do you want a narrower, thinner and more elongated face shape? Here is the Before and After!

    Visit us today, the best dermatology choice in San Diego.

    Tell Your Success Story: Nominate Us

    Clarisonic has a contest where they want to hear your success stories and receive nominations for businesses like ours.

    Tell them your story and nominate Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for their Esthetician Super Fan contest. If your story is selected as a winner, you will receive a Clarisonic Spa Gift Basket valued at $500.

    Enter Contest

    Hurry! Contest ends October 23, 2010.

    Not All Botox or Dysport Wrinkle Treatments are Equal

    Have you had a bad experience with your Botox or Dysport treatment? Did you think Botox made you look too frozen, made your brow shape weird, made your eyelids droop and as a result look more tired? Have you heard of Botox causing the inability to smile, or making wrinkles under the eyes worse? Did you get a big blackeye last time you wanted your crow’s feet treated? Are you scared to try Botox for the first time or ever again because you think it is just not for you?

    The truth is that the complications mentioned above are mostly caused by the injector’s technique. The good news is that most of these potential complications can be avoided.

    Dr. Tess Mauricio, a San Diego Dermatologist, personally administers all injectables (Botox and Dysport) to ensure you experience the expert’s touch and get results you are thrilled with! There may be centers that offer these products cheaper but no one does it better! And with unbelievable specials like: Buy one area of Dysport, get second area free and Get Free Botox with laser treatments over $3000, an Expert’s touch is a luxury you can afford!

    Experience the Expert’s Touch:

    1. In most centers, you will not get a Stanford trained, well respected cosmetic dermatologist and TV personality to administer your injections. Most injectors offering less expensive treatments are RN’s or other MD’s who are not dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Expertise and technique matter in order to minimize possible complications such as bruising, eyelid droop, uneven results, eyebrows too high, and even inability to smile!
      Dr. Mauricio will evaluate you and personalize your treatment to fit your needs. For example, if your brows are already too flat, or you already have some eyelid droop, she may treat the forehead differently than if your brows arch too high naturally. If you already have problems with loose undereye skin she may treat the crow’s feet differently. If you wanted a lift in your brows, she can design your treatment to give you a “chemical brow lift”, where correctly placed Botox/Dysport will cause a natural (nonsurgical) elevation of eyebrows which can open up your eyes nicely, make you look younger and more awake and pull up extra upper eyelid skin. Dr. Mauricio never uses a one size fits all approach to injectables – you are unique and so should your treatments. That is the difference you deserve! 
    2. We use the smallest needles – patients are often pleasantly surprised how painless the injections are. Especially in injections around the eyes to treat crow’s feet, many patients say they heard their friends get lots of bruising when treated by other practitioners. Dr. Mauricio’s technique minimizes this risk allowing you to get treated around the eyes without having to deal with a black eye for 2 weeks!
    3. If you are worried about injection pain, we even can apply topical numbing cream before your treatment. We also have a special cooling machine that can be used to minimize discomfort.
    4. If you are not 100% thrilled with your results, after 2 weeks, Dr. Mauricio encourages you to come back to the clinic – all you probably need is a little tweaking to get that perfect result!

    And keep in mind, ask for the number of Botox units you are getting. Units matter! If lower number of units are used, the treatment for an area may be offered cheaper and it may still work. But, it won’t last as long! Make sure you get what you pay for.

    Contact Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center at (858)689-4990 to take advantage of our specials and experience the difference in quality.

    Ask about our specials and zero percent financing.