Take Off 10 Years in One Week Without Surgery

Do you want to look 10 years younger, in just one week, without the use of surgery? We can help. In just one week, we can perform a few noninvasive treatments that are safe, effective and have no downtime. The result? An “almost” instant transformation that makes you look 10 years younger.

Just follow this plan:

  1. Erase the Signs of Aging and Sun Damage on Your Skin
    Do you have spots, discoloration, fine lines, challenges with pore size or skin texture? Our treatments will help. They can also reduce redness and rosacea. Would you like to tighten up your skin, almost like magic? ReFirme is the answer. We can erase the signs of aging, not only on your face, but your hands too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have hands with less age spots and tighter, younger looking skin? We offer our patients only the safest and most effective laser technology available today. More importantly, with your treatments performed personally by Dr. Mauricio or Dr. Lee, you can feel confident that you are getting an amazing treatment each time!
  2. Erase Wrinkles
    Botox provides tremendous success eliminating those worry lines between the brows, the lines across the forehead, those pesky crow’s feet and lines around the mouth. If you’ve been waiting to try Botox, or if you have been treated by someone else before and you want to finally experience an expert’s touch, visit our dermatology clinic. There is a difference! Dr. Mauricio and Dr. Lee use only FDA approved Allergen Botox with a more concentrated dilution than most other clinics. Many patients report that their effects last up to 6 months! We also offer Fillers, such as Restylane, that will instantly erase unwanted lines anywhere on the face.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Lips
    Lip volume restoration can do wonders for rejuvenating the face. With the use of a Filler, you can wipe off years – instantly!! All lips deflate over time. Lips that were once full and youthful can become thin and wrinkled. Our goal is to restore what was lost to give you what you naturally had just a few years ago. Most patients are very pleasantly surprised at how much younger they look after filling their lips.
  4. Get Your Body Ready
    A de-toxifying body wrap treatment along with VelaShape will take inches off, smooth and tone your skin, and treat that pesky cellulite!

Achieving a younger you will give you confidence. No matter what your needs, we have the treatment that will help you feel better about yourself, and with our 4 step plan, we can do it in just one week.


About Dr. Tess M.D., F.A.A.D.

My mission is to use my extensive training, expertise, and artistic sense to promote self esteem, build confidence, and improve my patients' quality of life.

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